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Apologetics 2

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Week 1 Mar 10-16

These questions do not necessarily come from one text or another. Try to answer the best you can from your reading and experience. 1. How does belief in God provide a philosophical foundation for the meaningful realities of life? 2. Why does the universe require a cause to explain its existence? 3. Is it possible for meaning to come from a random accident? 4. How does Christianity explain the human condition and the reality of life better then other world views? 5. On what basis can a person be convinced that Jesus Christ is God?
3 9 Week 1 Mar 10-16
by andy

Week 2 Mar 17-23

1. Why is the statement “I can only believe what I see” contradictory? 2. Are abstract realities more compatible with atheism or Christianity? Explain. 3. How is the existence of God preferable to atheism as an explanation for the existence of the universe and life as we know it? 4. Explain what part of revelation (Not the book of Revelation) responds to the aspect of God’s invisibility. 5. How does the incarnation of Christ make Christianity unique among religions?
3 10 week2 Mar17-23
by Charissa

Week 3 Mar 24-30

1. How is Jesus Christ the ultimate revelation of God? 2. How is history an important part of the proofs of Christianity? 3. How does the issue of anti-supernatural affect a person investigating Christianity who is looking at the scriptures? 4. How did Jesus claim to be God? 5. What other alternatives do people come up with concerning Christ? Is there some intellectual possibility that they might be true? Why or why not?
3 8 Week 3 Mar 24-30
by donw

Week 4 Mar 31- Apr 6

1. What’s wrong with the statement that all religions lead to God? 2. What’s wrong with the claim that all religions are metaphorically true but literally false? 3. Does the commitment to Christianity imply that every part of other religions is false? Why or why not? 4. How did Christianity shape modern science? In what kind of world does science work? 5. What is Christianity's current relationship to science?
3 8 week 4 M31-Ap 6
by donw

Week 5 Apr 7-13

1. What’s the difference between being a sinner and a hypocrite? 2. How can followers of Christ help others understand the Christian view of sin, grace and forgiveness? 3. Why might outsiders feel that hypocrisy invalidates Christian faith? How is that true and not true? 4. In what way is tolerance a Christian virtue? In what way is it not? 5. What are some problems with asserting that moral principals have their roots in culture?
4 9 Week 5 Apr 7-13
by donw

Week 6 Apr 14-20

1. Why do you think the problem of evil the number one reason for people having a problem with Christianity? How is Jesus the Christian’s answer to evil? 2. What happened to the dinosaurs? How does that compare with the biblical account? 3. How old is the earth? How does that relate to the biblical account? 4. How could evolution work or not work within the context of faith in Christ as Saviour and Lord? 5. What is a pastor’s ultimate apologetic? Have you seen this work? How?
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