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Pastoral theology and ministry philosophy

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Week 1 May 12-18

Read chapters 1-3 in Spiritual Leadership and answer the following questions. 1. Why do you think spiritual leaders and in such short supply today? 2. What is the role of leadership training if spiritual leadership is conferred by God alone? 3. How do the leadership qualities admired in the business world compare with the qualities required by godly spiritual leaders? 4. What is the most significant insight about spiritual leadership you have gained in these first three chapters? 5. What ambitions for leadership do you need to restrain in yourself? 6. Where do you most need to exhibit an attitude of selfless service?
3 5 Week 1 May 12-18
by donw

Week 2 May 19-25

Read chapters 4-7 and answer the following questions. 1. What natural leadership qualities do others say that you possess? 2. How would you say that natural leadership is transformed into spiritual leadership? 3. Which of the items in Sanders list in chapter 5 concern you the most in your development as a leader? Why? 4. What advice from Paul in chapter six is timely for you? Why? 5. What deficiencies and failings do you most often notice in leaders? Why do you think that is? 6. What is one quality of leadership that needs the most attention in your life right now? How can you get started on it this week?
3 4 Week 2 May 19-25
by andy

Week 3 May 26-June 1

Read chapters 8-10 and answer the following questions. 1. How can vision create problems? 2. Can serious people learn humour? How can it be difficult to maintain a sense of humour in leadership? 3. How can anger help a leader? How can it hurt? 4. Why could patience be a difficult trait for leaders to develop and maintain? 5. When faced with a decision how can a leader tell the difference between promptings from the Holy Spirit and self inclination? 6. Give yourself a report card on your leadership qualities. Where have you made improvement, and where do you require more work?
3 5 Week 3 May26-June1
by andy

Week 4 June 2-8

Read chapters 11-14 and answer the following questions. 1. When have you felt sorrowful for your prayer life? What changes did you make? 2. What are some obstacles to your prayer life? 3. If time were not a consideration what work in the church would you enjoy most? 4. Why do you think that spiritual leaders feel extra pressure in the use of their time? 5. What does it mean to lead with intensity? How does a person learn to do this? 6. What step could you make this week to start making better use of your time for God’s kingdom?
3 5 Week 4 ~ June 2-8
by donw

Week 5 June 9-15

Read chapters 15-18 and answer the following questions. 1. What does it mean for a leader to take up their cross and follow Christ? 2. How should leaders handle just criticism and rejection? 3. Which of Benson’s rules in chapter 16 is the most difficult for you to follow? Why? 4. What’s the difference between good compromise and bad compromise? How can you tell when compromise is right and good? 5. How long does it take you to overcome the feelings of failure? Who do you discuss your negative feelings? 6. What do you do, where do you go, for renewal from fatigue? 7. What steps can you take now to better prepare yourself for the tests of leadership you will face in the future?
3 6 Week5 June 9-15
by donw

Week 6 June 16-22

Read chapters 19-22 and answer the following questions. 1. What changes have been difficult for you in the last year; at work, at church, at home? 2. When you look back how has God been at work preparing you for you leadership? 3. What is the danger of popularity for a leader? 4. What areas of moderation are crucial for your spiritual leadership fitness? 5. How do you deal with people who believe that they are never wrong? 6. When you look ahead to the end of your life, what walls do you want to see standing?
3 6 Week 6 ~June 16-22
by donw

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