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Pastoral counselling

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Week 1 Sept 8-14

Pastoral visitation Week 1 1. What are some of the obstacles and encumbrances to pastoral visitation that you can think of? How can you see overcoming these issues? 2. What would be your theology concerning pastoral visitation? (Your biblical basis) How does this affect your visitation attitude and focus? 3. How was Jesus a model of pastoral visitation? How does His ministry in this area have an effect on you? 4. What are some benefits (spiritual and practical) of pastoral visitation? 5. What guidelines would you give to yourself or would you recommend to other ministers in your visitation.
3 6 Week 1 ~ Sept 8-14
by donw

Week 2 Sept 15-21

Week 2 1. What does the care of souls mean to you? How do you see it working? 2. What metaphors or analogies would you use in describing a pastor’s relationship to parishioners other then that of a shepherd. 3. What qualities should a pastor have in caring for the souls of others? How are you doing in this area? Explain why. 4. How is a pastor to be accountable when it comes to pastoral care? How can that be put together practically? 5. Where does friendship fit in the pastoral care ministry? How can you see yourself working on the right balance between care and friendship?
3 5 Week 2 Sept 15-21
by donw

Week 3 Sept 22-28

Week 3 1. What is reproof? Have you seen it done well? Not well? Explain how what processes you might go through in giving reproof. 2. What part does discipline and correction have in pastoral counselling? 3. How is pastoral different to secular counselling? Give an example. 4. What part does the listening process have in pastoral counselling? How are you doing in this area? Explain why. 5. What is your theology of listening (biblical basis)?
3 5 Week 3 Sept 22-28
by donw

Week 4 Sept. 29- Oct 5

Week 4 1. When bad things happen to people, how can pastoral counselling potentially go wrong? 2. What is God’s will concerning people’s suffering? 3. What are 2 examples of suffering are in the bible? How are these instructive in our pastoral counselling? 4. What may be some benefits of suffering for an individual? How can we bring hope as pastors to those who suffer?
3 6 Week 4 ~ Sept. 29 - Oct 5
by donw

Week 5 Oct 6 - 12

Week 5 1. What is your theology concerning sickness? 2. What was Christ’s attitude to sickness? 3. Do you anoint the sick? Why or why not? 4. Describe what this may mean in pastoral counselling: “The duty to disturb false peace” 5. When might it be appropriate to become an advocate against the “establishment” for the needs of a parishioner?
3 4 Week 5 Oct 6-12
by donw

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